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    Workshops & Private Counseling to build your family’s confidence when introducing food to its newest members with registered dietitian and mom Jennifer Hanft, MS RD














    Hudson self-feeding a pre-loaded spoon of sweet potato, onion and liver purée

    Expert support to introduce nutritious solid food to your little loved ones.

    Jennifer prioritizes safety, and teaches a variety of feeding methods to allow you to decide what will work best for your infant and family

    (including Baby Led Weaning, purées
    and everything in-between)




    Evelyn eating  avocado & banana rolled in hemp seeds as finger food 
  • Services

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    Starting Solids Group Workshop

    Sign up for a 1.5 hour Starting Solids group workshop, virtual or in-person, with time for questions and personalization. The workshop provides a comprehensive overview of evidence-based information and methods for introducing solid food to infants. Created by the founder of the Starting Solids Network, the workshop includes the when, how, what, where and why on starting your feeding journey.
    Topics covered include: Allergens; Choking hazards
    Materials included: Handouts on iron, allergens, and more, plus a recipe book

    Private Workshop or Counseling for Families & Caregivers

    Schedule a 1:1 (or family/small group) consultation to receive expert support on introducing nutritious solid food to your little loved ones. Safety and finding the methods that work best for you and your family are the top priorities. Customize a feeding plan that includes purées, mixed textures, and whole foods. This is a great option for a personalized Starting Solids workshop or for follow-up support after attending a group workshop.

    Six-month-old Hudson eating his first food: lamb meatball

  • Baby Led Weaning Blog Collaboration

    Find articles authored by Jennifer at https://littlemoreorganics.com

    Baby Led Weaning Starting Solids Finger Foods Fruit Vegetable Puff

    Baby Led Weaning Part 1:

    What & Why

    • It’s a traditional and ancient approach to introducing babies to solid food.
    • Start around 6 months when your baby is developmentally ready.
    • There will be challenges! For instance, it’s messy.
    • Baby led weaning builds lifelong healthy eating habits.
    Baby Led Weaning Starting Solids Finger Foods Fruit Vegetable Puff

    Baby Led Weaning Part 2:

    Timing & Foods

    • The best time for baby to eat solids is when the family is eating and they are alert but not overly hungry.
    • Soft elongated food you can squish with your tongue on the top of your mouth are best for baby-led weaning.
    • Allow your baby to decide if and how much they want to eat.
    • Follow guidelines for reducing choking hazards and take an infant CPR and choking hazard course.
    Baby Led Weaning Starting Solids Finger Foods Fruit Vegetable Puff

    Baby Led Weaning Part 3:

    Introducing Allergens

    • Introduce allergens early and often.
    • The nine primary allergens include peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, crustacean shellfish, fish, soy, wheat, egg, and sesame
    • Introduce one at a time, over several exposures, and watch for a reaction.
    • Stay calm and have fun!
  • Testimonials

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    Kelly, mom of a 2-year-old and an infant

    "I highly recommend the Starting Solids Workshop with Jennifer. As a new mom, I was extremely nervous about introducing solids to my baby boy and terrified about choking. The workshop gave me the knowledge and tools to feel at ease entering this new phase of parenthood without having to read a book, track Instagram account or other time consuming avenues. The workshop covered everything from how to know my baby was ready, to identifying choking, allergens introduction, and how to present solids and much more. What I loved most was the ability to ask a ton of questions that were on my mind and learn through Jennifer’s experience and knowledge."

    Danielle, mom of a 6 month old infant

    "Jennifer was a huge help to make me feel comfortable feeding solid foods to our 6 month old son. She provided evidence-based ways to introduce all sorts of new foods successfully and safely, and made it fun! In a 1-to-1 session, we were able to try some foods together with our baby and evaluate for signs of readiness, which made me feel much more confident moving forward. I would highly recommend a session or workshop with Jennifer for families with babies between 4-6 months, 10/10!"

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    Sarah, mom of a two-year-old and an infant

    "As a new mom, Jenny’s workshop gave me the knowledge and the confidence I needed to start solids with my daughter. Jenny’s approach to teaching was well paced, evidence-based, and thoughtful of common parent concerns, such as food allergens and choking hazards. She made herself available for answering my questions along the way and provided resources I still use with my now 2 1/2 year old. I highly recommend Jenny to any parents who are just starting out with feeding solids or who need a refresher."

  • Starting Solids in Action

    All babies under the age of 12 months









    Evelyn thinking about her first experience eating broccoli (steamed and butter-roasted): messy for sure!








    Madison self-feeding a beef meatball






    Cooper using his hands to eat oatmeal. Sensory play and nutrient density for breakfast









    Augusta preparing to drink from an infant-sized straw cup







    Cilla sucking, tearing and chewing slow cooked chicken  


    Hudson deciding what to do with his sweet potato stick & egg mini-muffins











    Zoe eating mango off the pit (and teething)










    Banner enjoying watermelon








    Hudson munching on a soft, seasoned green bean at a local restaurant



    Madison eating avocado, two ways: finger food and pre-loaded spoon







    Evelyn eating roasted white potato strips (French fries)




    Augusta having messy fun with blueberry + nut butter oatmeal

    Cilla eating yogurt with two spoons: the second pre-loaded and ready to go









    Evelyn practicing drinking water from an open cup










    Banner exploring his first corn on the cob










    Hudson chewing and sucking cantaloupe